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http://writetheweb.com otevírá se do nového okna News for web users that write back
Giving the world a pluggable Gnutella Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
WorldOS is a framework on which to build programs that work like Freenet or Gnutella -allowing distributed applications using peer-to-peer routing.
Syndication discussions hot up Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
After a period of dormancy, the Syndication mailing list has become active again, with contributions from leaders in traditional media and Web syndication.
Personal web server integrates file sharing and messaging Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
The Magi Project is an innovative project to create a combined personal web server and messaging system that enables the sharing and synchronization of information across desktop, laptop and palmtop devices.
Syndication and Metadata Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
RSS is probably the best known metadata format around. RDF is probably one of the least understood. In this essay, published on my O'Reilly Network weblog, I argue that the next generation of RSS should be based on RDF.
UK bloggers get organised Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
Looks like the weblogs scene is gathering pace beyond the shores of the US. There's now a UK-specific page on weblogs.com, and a mailing list at egroups.
Yournamehere.com more important than anything Otevřít odkaz do nového okna
Whatever you're publishing on the web, your site name is the most valuable asset you have, according to Carl Steadman.
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